Term 4 2014 Grisaille and limited palette: STILL LIFE WITH WATER(FROM A CHURCH HALL)

Next term we will paint from still life gathered from the

eclectic contents of a church hall cupboard.

Setting up the still life to include some water in a glass or receptacle that gives a good bit of tonal interest and (god willing) some distortion.

Controled lighting will help so please all bring

a: a bedside lamp

b: a multi plug

c:an extension cord

everyone who hasnt done a grisaille can do one this term and others can do a limited palette work or  as much colour as you like(Jo)


here is an example of what we could paint from,  and also what Diebenkorn did with something similar



please let me know as soon as you can if you are joining us for term 4

and in the meantime keep painting


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