Following in the steps of the Moors in Spain

September 2016

In September Lester and I will be following in the steps of the invading Moors in Spain.

Arriving in Madrid and then wending our way down to Malaga, Granada, Rhona, Seville Cordoba then a week in Faro.


A great chance to catch up with Guernica in the Reina Sofia.


and Las Meninas in the Prado in Madrid.


We are staying on what they call “The Art Mile” street in Madrid, with the Prado and Thyssen and Reina Sofia right on our doorsteps.This passage read online makes my mouth water.

“A returning visitor to the Prado might not recognize its interior, so much has changed in the last few years. Improved lighting has chased away the gloom. El Greco’s elongated figures, freed from cramped interior rooms, look far more haunting along the walls of a cavernous upstairs hall. Goya’s two paintings of the May 2 uprising are in refurbished salons, and his famed ”black” visions have been given new dimension with starkly contrasting white backgrounds.”

Luckily Madrid also has an airplane museum too (for Lester) to balance out the total immersion in art.

I remember when we visited the Winter Palace in Petersburg Les came up to me and said “you do realise we have been here for 6 hours now” A very patient man.

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