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TERM 1 2015 working from the model

Term 1 we have a great model called Sarah Campus who is a dancer as well as a life mode lso she will give us some interesting poses. I think we should have a good look at Euan Uglow for inspiration this term lets see if we can  set up an environment similar to one […]


PORTRAIT WORKSHOP Feb 3rd and 4th 2015

On Tuesday  3rd and Wednesday 4th of February we will be having a two day intensive portrait workshop. Working from photographic reference of your chosen subject we will  paint  in the grisaille method of tonal underpainting and colour glazes applied later If you or any one you know are interested in doing this workshop let […]


Reflections and distortion in a still life

Term 4 2014 still life reflections. We drew for three of the eight days this term- and even though there were a few grumbles about it , the drawing exercises lifted our consciousness re shape and tone. Both of which are key when you are painting water and reflections and distortions I was interested to […]

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