Term 3: Still Life with a twist

Next term starting July 2nd and going for 10 weeks will be all about still life

we will start with some drawing from some still life objects

(please bring in some interesting bottles for these exercises)

focusing on proportion and relationship and spatial considerations…(getting a sense of space with the objects and their environment)


Then we will use some of the skills we picked up last term to do a variation on a theme of still life.

using transparent images of still life objects to create a more abstract composition.

i will give you some exercises using  line and  transparencies  to give you a way into seeing still life in a new light but you can decide where this takes you


for example objects like these which are interesting shapes in themselves and create  interesting shapes when placed with other objects



you may think of

 Kevin Lincoln


or Ben Nicholson


 or Jonas wood


 or Bonnard

we will have a look at what others have done , and with the exercises  we do with the transparencies some ideas will come up…(trust me)

so dont panic yet


we will make this a 10 week term.

so we can accommodate all those with complicated lives who can only make 8 of the classes!( i am only envious)

talk to me about how this can work for you.

looking forward to making some interesting still life paintings

please confirm with me if you are joining us

this will be the last term for the year as we are selling our house in Grey Lynn and moving into the realm of the great unknown

Belinda x



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