this coming term we will be having a look at Toss Woolleston’s bravura brushstrokes.

Bravura  focuses on the energy of the brushstroke itself  and this approach will give us  more practice with our “fresco brushes” that we used last term.

Other artists who used Singer Sargent and Manet, Burchfield and Cezanne





mostra_immagini_amici                                                                                                                                                                                      Bonnard



Matisse                                                                                                                                     207143_lr

Euan Mcleod


The lack of control we have with the long handled brush will help make us brave with some good thick paint .

Start finding YOUR favourite “bravura” landscape painters and print out some of their works.

We will start in the hall with some organisational drawing from their work…seeing just how they organised their compositions.

Which will help us begin to see what we can use from the scene we choose, out on location, in the second week.

I fancy doing some BIG SKIES too…

keep your camera at hand over the next few weeks and take some photos of some dramatic skies…get up early and watch the sunrise…get some shots of the sunsets…..

keep  a ribbon of the landscape at the bottom of the frame too



TERM ONE starts on the 11th FEB

I look forward to hearing  if you are joining us this term






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