Two days workshop using the grisaille under painting technique and we came up with some amazing portraits

We  got over the hump of difficulty with portraits which is the drawing and enlarged our images and traced them

then set about making fully resolved tonal underpaintings in paynes grey and white

The colour was then laid on in  thin glazes.

this is an excellent exercise in gaining tonal intelligence which really is a fundamental in painting.

Getting the tones in the right  relationship to one another.

Then we played with varying mixes of colour to make some skin tone glazes that worked for that person

Not all the works were finished so i am publishing only some of them

Mary Finlay


Cynthia Mitchell



Wendy Selkirk



Angie Ng
20150204_162610Pat Shepheard- Walwyn


Excellent work everyone

Like Ingres and Courbet and all those boys we are using technology to help our process…so we are in good company

We also need to  keep up our work with drawing from life as well

What i propose is we do some weekend drawing workshops soon , and one of the first ones will be SELF PORTRAIT drawing in the mirror.

one of the best exercises  in raising visual consciousness. Learning to draw is about learning to see in the special way that you need in order to draw.

Like learning another language..it takes time

Portraits are all about proportion and relationship, tone and colour.


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