work from term 1 PORTRAITS

This term we managed to get   2 days intensive drawing from life. drawing each other and doing self portraits in the mirror.

One of the best ways to learn to see.

the second stage was to use collage to help create a setting for the portrait we chose to do.

this brings a frisson of energy to the work because you never know what is going to happen when you introduce new motifs into the equation


Angela Hutton

Emilia Rubio

Wendy Selkirk

Ann Everard

Amanda Deane

Barbara Jelicich

Rose Tomlinson

Margaret Neale

Ann Davidson used collage actually in the painting to good effect


It all takes time this process with introducing collage into a composition.

many hours juggling with different motifs  to see what works best and then getting the scale right etc.

But as Ann memorably said in class , “SHE COULD CREATE HER OWN NEW REALITY!!” Which is heady stuff

 Nurit’s beautiful portrait is unfinished here

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