what we learned from our chosen artist

What we learned from  copying another artist.

Often people mentioned that they didn’t think it was quite kosher copying someone else’s work…they had shied away from doing it.

But you learn heaps of surprising stuff when you do.

Like the amount of pattern in a Gauguin, the edgy black outlines of a Beckman, and quite how gloriously Euan McLeod puts on paint.

We did quite in depth studies of the compositions in pencil, firstly gesturally to get the rhythms and connections.

Then we gridded up the composition and and drew it and then transferred that to the canvas  and painted it, learning about how the artist  put things together and then how they got their complex areas of paint.


Then we chose our own subject to paint and endeavoured to use something of what we had learned copying those works



from top left

Sherry Wang, Cynthia Mitchell, Gaybriel O’malley,Judy Robson, Anita Gate, ColleenFleming, Gaybriel Norling, Pam Bell, Helen Paris.

These are very strong works, people, very pleased with what we came up with this term!!

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