2017 term 1: copying an old master and then creating a work of our own “in the style of”

in term 1 we will begin by deconstructing an old master.Seeing how he built the composition, by copying the work.

we will then do a work of our own subject matter , working in the style of our chosen artist.


Ben Shahn


Carl Maughan


David Keeling


Elmer Bischof


as you can see i have listed some very different examples of artist’s work.

you can choose others  who you wish to study.

on day one we will deconstruct an artist who i will choose , and then your job is to go online and go to the library and find an artist whose work you like, and bring those in to class on the second week

Start gathering your own subjects to paint in the style of his work.

please let me know if you are joining us this term

Look forward to seeing you




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