work from term 1 2014

020 - Copy - Copy - Copy - CopyAngela Hutton



amarjit - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy





annette pearton - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy




Annette Pearton

bev - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy



Bev Holdsworth

cynthia mitchell - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy



Cynthia Mitchell

david thompson - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy




David Thompson

jane liu - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy



Jane Liu
jo turner - Copy - Copy - CopyJo Turner
margaret neale - Copy - Copy - Copy



margaret neale 2 - Copy - Copy - Copy



Margaret Neale
pat shepheard - Copy



Pat Shepheard

judy gilletJudy Gillet



John Eaglenjohn eaglen - Copy - Copy - Copy



Jik White

jik white - Copy - Copy - Copy - Copy



This term has seen some real developments in everyone’s work.


We concentrated on how to describe distance and space in our landscape studies with

aerial perspective(tonal contrast with tones getting lighter as you move back)

objects placed in front of one another

colours getting cooler as the scene recedes

emphasising perspective lines which move back into the scene(roads and pathways etc)

and also on the strength of some fresco brush exercises, everyone was bolder putting on paint.


Getting some interesting colours and tonal shifts into darker passages . Often the reference photos are not helpful because all the darkest shadows print up as black and  one has to be inventive and perhaps go back to the scene and do some real time colour notes.


Also the idea of not being too focused on the end product…not having too much of a conceived idea of what you want to achieve.

As Picasso said “You have to have an idea of what you want to paint, but it should be a vague idea”

In the hiatus between the original concept (the vague idea) and the resolution(the finished painting)is where the art happens…

Especially where you have a fluid surface and loads of paint, happy accidents happen…

don’t control the painting , allow it to happen

Follow it rather than drive it.


And also don’t be too mindful or upset by “shitty first drafts!!!!!”


All up it was a great term




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