Caravagio Ingres Chardin  HammershoiJacobDhein  Gerda Leennard

In Term 2  we will have alook at how others have used tone in their work

Tone can be used in many ways

To create distance as in Gerdas landscape: Aerial perspective uses tones diminishing as they recede to give an sense of distance and space.


To create drama and focus: as in Ingres portrait the deepest and lightest tones take your eye straight to the chaps face.

Ingres also used Tone to describe form  in this portrait.Wonderful light and darks on the face showing the shape and mass of his head. Tone also used to describe form in the Caravagio

Tone is also used to give a dynamic sense of movement in the composition as in Dheins work.Jacob Dhein says he always starts his landscapes with a two value statement and then tries to connect the shadows in the painting.

this term we will  try this!.

we will do some  painterly sketches of some compositions to see how tone is  used: and then use this new found tonal consciousness in a painting of our own subject matter.>

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