Term 2 : 2014 Foliage , flowers , fabric

In the next term we will get some good observation exercises in

Foliage studies , flowers and  a drapery day squeezed in somewhere by request!


We havent really ever studied foliage and thanks to our resident plant person Jo Turner who brought in a cornucopia of interesting plants we now are inspired.

With big vigorous ginger plants and palm leaves contrasted with some different flaxes and contrasting textures i think it will make some interesting paintings


Your job is to go to the garden centre and buy a couple of interesting plants , or bring in a palm leaf etc etc

it will get you noticing plants in general over the next few weeks…and remember always to ask if you see a particularly good leaf or two coming over the neighbours fence!ButterflyPalm - Copy Nature17 - Copy

And if foliage really doesn’t blow your hair back, you can always paint some flowers instead!

The drapery exercise we will squeeze in somewhere…always a good skill to learn as it challenges us to see  what is really going on rather than what we think it there!

look forward to next term




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