further thoughts for foliage


Having chosen Foliage etc as our subject matter this term, I have been interested in how much more  I am noticing plants and foliage as i walk around Grey Lynn at the moment.

Whether it is a skinny Cordyline up against a skinny villa or an amazing spotted Calathea which i found at the plant shop and which i hope survives until the start of class(poor history with pot plants…usually  caused by over watering anxiety)



but also trawling through my photo files i realise that i have taken photos of foliage the world over…whether it  was lush yellows and triffid like growth in Rarotonga or plants that  appear to thrive with no water at all in Spain and still be remarkably beautiful, i realised i have photographed them ALL!!


So this term is panning out to be  an opportunity to do some serious drawing and observation exercises at the hall, from life(our own foliage specimens plus a drapery observing day)  and then to luxuriate in finally getting to that ornamental pear at the bottom of the garden against the dark wall that you have always thought would make a painting




004 (2)




444 - Copy (2)


522 - Copy





I have also been re reading Anne Lamottes book “Bird by Bird” which is about writing and managing the creative process, and is bitingly funny and absolutely helpful with the painting process too


in the b ook she mentions  a passage written by Gary Snyder


Ripples on the surface of the water-

were silver salmon passing under-different from the ripples caused by breezes




she says there is ecstacy in paying attention…

if you start to look around you will start to see….

THATS what this term is about

let me know if you want to come along


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