figure studies work from term 2

This term we continued our work with relationships –

Bronte our model posed with just a few “things” around her and we shuffled them round to see how her relationship with them  changed.

Hammershoi  sat on our collective shoulders and we tried to be as judicious as he was in placing the elements in  his composition.

Proximity was key…just shifting a picture on the wall a few inches made a difference.

Putting things on different levels was important too as was arranging different planes in the composition…for example putting a table with flowers IN FRONT of our model gave another dimension to it all.

All these things are as important in realism as in abstraction and we will continue these considerations next term with a term of abstraction.



Cynthia Mitchell




Annette Pearton




Pam Bell



Jill Rothwell



Amanda Dean046




Maggie Lindner044

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