2016: term 1 of pure abstraction

i have just been down to the new show at the Auckland Gallery to see the show A Necessary Distraction

these are all abstractions and gave me an idea for doing some pure abstraction next term


Kirstin Carlin making beautiful sensated marks which gave me ideas of how I could paint my garden





Jeena Shin did this entire painting using masking tape


whoops this is Annette’s little composition but good enough to sit right here as is with these young artists

there is also a very good Cubist show of  New Zealand painters…a couple of Louise Henderson’s


anyway ideas are formulating re-next term

20151213_140008 here Emma Fitts did a fabric collage after a Loiuse Henderson work


we might start with that.

a collage of a Louise Henderson,

move onto a pure abstraction  using masking tape

possibilities are endless and thought provoking

go and see this show

and send me some ideas of your own that are triggered , for new works , having seen it

have a great Christmas everyone

thank you for your support(esp round my Mama) and look forward to seeing you in the new year

will post dates for 2016 separately

Belinda XX


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