2015 term 4 Albert park

this term was epic in that we did some excellent work relating the figure to the landscape.

we had a great day in Albert park with some lovely obliging subjects, did some good sketches and took loads of photos and came up with some of the best compositions yet.

i think it was the trace and place  process which worked so well this term20151216_144101 pam

here Pam Bell did a collage of traced figures and placed them in her composition to good effect


Anita’s first draft of traced figures

david thomson

David Thomson  had a nice energy in this study, good use of verticals diagonals and rhythmn  lines

maragret neale 20151216_142804 20151006_160957 - Copy

Margaret Neales painting taken  at a couple of stages

interesting use of masking(the handrail and contemporary treatment of subject matter


Annette Pearton’s nice  well balanced study


Jo Turner work in progress

IMG_4964 IMG_4963

two sophisticated figure compositions from Anita gate . Nice use of transparency and edgy diagonals- works in progress she tells me though as we know paintings are never finished, they just stop at interesting places!


Connie Chen did another painting from the same image as Margaret but treated it very differently- nice use of cropping


nice little composition from Wendy Selkirk…very credible bikes, freehand drawn!!!


all up a very good term for me as a teacher

not only did we have a lovely day at the park together but i feel as if something that i have been hammering away at (relating elements in composition) for a long time now really registered this term.

its the secret to composition- quite intuitive process but the tracings really helped

all good



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