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Jane Liu


We are having a two day intensive portrait workshop over the weekend of 13tyh and 14th of August. Some will be working in the grisaille tonal method and others will do a limited palette work. Either way I am happy for you to treat the portrait anyway you want. In these workshops I do a […]

shell seeker(sold)

My work has taken a new direction lately

A change of scale from large canvases to smaller more considered works. They are quieter paintings, with fewer bravura brushstrokes. The gesture more contained and internal. The mood is quieter and more contemplative. Instead of layering paint I am now using thick textures and then knocking them back with a palette knife while they are […]



Following in the steps of the Moors in Spain September 2016 In September Lester and I will be following in the steps of the invading Moors in Spain. Arriving in Madrid and then wending our way down to Malaga, Granada, Rhona, Seville Cordoba then a week in Faro.   We are staying on what they […]


Moving my Art Class to my studio in Grey Lynn

In July this year I decided to move our class to my studio. Years of dealing with the politics of communal spaces eventually wore thin and I realised that we had a lovely space in my studio big enough for us all to share. We will work largely from easels in an “Atelier” style environment, […]


term three: Shadow work

we will carry on with some figure work in term 3. the cast shadows we discovered in the last term added an interesting dimension to the compositions , I thought, and so after a bit of consideration  I decided it might be interesting to pursue that idea .   i went through my photo files […]


life work

This term we did some figure work with our model Brad, looking through the lens of tone. Using tone to show the way light falls on the body  and describes the form. Painting from life is a very different experience than working from photos .The camera doesnt pick up the nuances of colour and tone that […]


mary says

Mary has just sent an email saying that she was thinking Howard Hodgkin rather than Ben Nicholson…as if this was a bad thing!!!   this is an excellent thing Ben Nicholson is just someone to start with and to pick his brains but the fact that Mary had already started hankering after some PAINT like […]


terms of abstraction : term 1 2016

Terms of abstraction Often when we are painting we get too wrapped up with the subject matter and lose track of the fact that we are making a picture By that I mean we forget to make the marks energised and the paint luscious and the shapes eloquent within the picture frame. We all do […]


2016: term 1 of pure abstraction

i have just been down to the new show at the Auckland Gallery to see the show A Necessary Distraction these are all abstractions and gave me an idea for doing some pure abstraction next term   Kirstin Carlin making beautiful sensated marks which gave me ideas of how I could paint my garden Jeena […]


2015 term 4 Albert park

this term was epic in that we did some excellent work relating the figure to the landscape. we had a great day in Albert park with some lovely obliging subjects, did some good sketches and took loads of photos and came up with some of the best compositions yet. i think it was the trace […]

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